predatory lyrics – defiler

children of the dawn, crooked orphans of decievers,
hiding away, decaying away, awaken. frozen of the soul,
feeding from the empty barrens, i summon you now, arise
to the cloud of minions. the time has come at last, for
the vital ones to suffer, sullen with fear, the wrath of
us all, is too much. this is something more than just a
faith i’ve fallen back on, this is but a promise as to
what the future holds for us. my misguided triumph a
victory. it seems as though you really arent hearing me.
i wont go out without a motherf*cking bang, til all thats
left of you is a motherf*cking stain. bury your love in
the sands of doom, wash away your irrepressible joy,
annihilate h*rnet avenue, as you father a new h*ll on
earth. the sky holds a window to a dream. the waters hold
a paradise unseen. the journey holds the fortunes key.
you can go, as long as you dont scream.

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