pressure lyrics – fishbone

fear is the curse and today’s word is pressure
too long to count the worry and the strife

speed racer, takin’ in that pressure
pressure is the fear, pressure is the tear

twist that torcher, torch that pressure
burnin’, verbal arm twisting, pressure ear pinching

no remorse, no glory
i sit in the jail cell and i think about that pressure
thrive no jive, on this mess y’all
female sittin’ on my face, no lord!
pressure me, huh but nonetheless
this pressure mess, pressure mess is the best

is runnin’, runnin’ out of time
boy u better git your *ss home quick
you shorly lie when you get high
on that pressure, pressure kick

pressure when i sit down!
pressure when i git up!
when i sleep at night
nightmares make me fight pressure

pressure whin uhm vexed
pressure whin i c mie x

prayin’ 4 a breather, but whenz it comin’ next?

oh this world, oh this pressure!
pressure hardened on me there’s no help yeh!
it’s the pear, it’s the fear… pressure!
cheatin’ out the fat man!
pressure joke’s only for the pressure folks…
fat man, livin’ in a skinny land

pressure is runnin’
runnin’ out of time
boy u better git your *sshole st*tched (a fabricated cover-up)
you surely lie when you get high on this
pressure! pressure kick!


when your hair’s turnin’ gray
pressure tellin’ you to take the gray away
its’ the fear of physical processes
it’s the tear of scalp diggin’ hair transplant bloodmesses

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