pretty face lyrics – demetri yates

first of all gurl u trippin,
thinking that i just want some than leave but i’m different.
i’m here to satisfy,
then want u to reply,
u don’t trust me but u need to try.
no gurl i don’t lie.
(yo looks did not turned me on all the way, )
it’s yo personality, the things u say.
me u is a reality, i aint dreaming today.
know that u are the best,
don’t call me mr fresh,
all u call me is lover and nothing less.

gurl i want u baby,
u is more than a s*xy lady
need u right now cuz u drivin me crazy,
u smart, want u to know that me and u together is safe.
baby girl u is more than just a pretty face.
pretty face, nice waist, good taste, gurl u is an ace, pretty face, pretty face

(2nd verse)
i wanna hold u in my arms tightly,
loving u nightly,
yo mind just really excite me.
we got so much in common,
know that u aint dumb and,
u proud of wat u have accomplished,
that’s why u never ask for nothing.
don’t mess wit gold diggers,
don’t care about who b*tt is bigger.
i’m in love wit u, i’m a real n*gg*.
i aint fake,
i got money to buy u a piece of steak.
aint gone leave u especially wit my child not having a father to teach him stuff and come back but it be to late,
i’m their for u girl,
s*x aint the only thing in this world.
love and trust is, not money diamand and pearls.
can keep us together, u more than a pretty face, u care for me, and i care about u, i love u gurl.


(talking at end of song)
yeah, gurl, me and u is like will and jada,
don’t worry bout them hataz,
i know u don’t want my paper.
and i don’t want u cuz u a good bootie shakers,
i love u, see u later.

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