pretty pink lyrics – latif

pretty, pretty pink
pretty, pretty pink
awww, pretty you [x2)

at the same time
i was leavin’
she was comin’ in [comin’ in)
she was walkin’
busy talkin’
there with a friend [friend)
i was stallin’
i was thinkin’
that to myself
i betcha shes sweet [yeah,yeah)
for her body was fine
and tight as h*ll
she was movin’
but please don’t let her go nowhere
at that moment
she stopped
then she looked at me
the beginning was so beautiful

[chorus) x4

she made me
come alive
no so to speak
i was thinkin’
of her uhh [wait, hold up)
she made me
come alive
no so to speak
i was touchin’

on her thighs
she made me weak
we just laid up
in her house
for about a week
now we’re b*mpin’
and we’re thumpin’
and we’re lovin’ it
she comin’
im comin
we’re comin….
to the door [haha)

[chorus) x4

i cant stop [cant stop)
til i get enough of your love
girl i need to know
im feelin’ you til you reach the top [the top)
oh girl, ohh
i can hardly waittt uhh
girl now look what i’ve found
you’re makin’ that sound
breathin’ so loud
its drivin me wild
and i
gotta get it [x3)
i can hardly wait
pretty, pretty pink

[chorus) until fades

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