prince azaar and the invisible pagoda lyrics – krux

[part i]

he rode out, in the grace of the morning
head held high, that first day in may
many years, in pride and in glory
in search for the holy grail

prince azaar…you travelled so far
you searched for the way…the precious ark
prince azaar…you followed the star
you challenged the gods…of rage and war

beyond the black moon, and west of oblivion
in the legends and the tall silver tales
with your rich coat, your horse and the armour
to where the filthy dogs of doom sail

prince azaar, you fled from your palace
you came close to where nothing meets zero
and you opened the doors to forever
behind the great waterfall

[part ii]

down by the willows…a castle in gold…someone calls
you by your name
you’re tired and weak….an oasis you seek…can you
hear what they say?
the doors is now open….drawing you in….

[part iii]

1000 days and 1000 nights
insane colours…immortal eyes
riddles and fears…countless voices
can’t see, can’t hear….no divine choices
nothing left, a stonecold floor
man against gods….no hidden doors
no answers, no light….i gave my farewells
i am nothing

did i find myself?

[part iv]

in the battle i was dying
am i worthy i was wondering
i was heartbroke, i was crying
in the court of the long lost kings

as a warrior i was aging
as a man i was trying to fight
for an answer i kept praying
let me walk here in the holy light

[part v]

in the pagoda
the prince he met the angel in the broken mirror
holding a sword….she wept for you, she bled for you
in the pagoda
you saw your dreams, your life, the pains, the past and
you know…it’s a lonely road….

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