printhead lyrics – fall

hey badges tinkle
t-shirts mingle

hey you horror-face!

im a printhead
i go to pieces
im a printhead
i go to pieces yeah

end of catch-line
end of hook-line

we had a two page
its what we needed
im an i’ll head
my face increases
how my head increases
real problems, biz

so how is it, yeah
that ive reached here
i thought this game
would do me good

how could printed vinyl bring you out to here?

we laughed with them
when it was take-the-p*ss time
im no egghead
but im an ex-worker man
w.c.-hero friend – and not water closet!

there’s a barrier between writer and singer
uh-huh he’s a good man
although a lazy one
the singer is a neurotic drinker
the band little more than a big crashing beat.
instruments collide and we all get drunk

the last two lines
were a quote, yeah
when we read them
we went to pieces

we went to pieces, yeah
we went to pieces, yeah

one day a week
im a printhead, yeah
twenty pence a week
dirty fingers

printhead x 3

with print you subst*tute an ear
for an extra useless eye

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