promises lyrics – face to face


looking in your eyes as i’m lying here with you.
you promise me the things that you swear to me are true.
i listened intently to the words that you’d recite.
you said that you’d be there for me but i needed you last night.

yeah i once believed you when you’d say those words to me.
but now i know you’re full of sh*t cuz i have yet to see
if there’s any truth in what you say. what can i believe?
you promised me that you would stay while i watched you leave.

i’m fed up, fed up;
i’m so fed up with you
and your empty promises,
your worthless promises.

i’m fed up, fed up;
don’t say anymore.
broken promises
f*ck your promises.

i cannot believe anything you say
you promised me you’d be there
and where were you?
if you could only see what you mean to me
you’d know why it hurts to believe.

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