prophecy lyrics – o’kingdom

we have strayed, so far in these latter days,
we have given way, and now a judgement weighs,
on the hearts of men that start to pray,

warning, our lady gave us blessed words by which to
a chastis*m*nt for the mindless, sinful, worldly hearts
of men,

by which we left the grace of god,
crying his name out all alone,
demons empty out of h*ll,
to grab the unsaved souls from home,
darkness now will lie,

would you believe that this faith has set us free,
a world anew,
now i can see, that my strength will carry me,
a life renewed,

burning through sinners like they were in their lives,
choking out the goodness for the lewdness of our
l*stful times,

we used to fear god,

he will be obeyed, the high and haughty of the world
they cannot breathe, and oh the dust it chokes the
enemies of trust,
that blasphemy,

we used to fear god,

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