providence lyrics – jack frost

where were you when my dreams came true
and my ship finally came in
i was flying head in the clouds
and you were back in providence

i crawled out of my ark of doubt
stepped up to claim my prize
a fingerprint in the mantelpiece paint
a letter of just three lines

i played hard i played hard to get
and hard to understand
and every night was a fight to the death
and every day was planned

where were you when i finally knew
the truth that you’d always known
no matter how far you travel away
you always end up home

where was this place where i finally fell to grace
and found you’d faded out

now all the rain that’s fallen on me
the sun that’s worn me down
but i’m still walking in this same old pair of shoes
i’m walking on the same ground

oh yes i know n*body chooses anybody
and no one means to lie
but when the weather changes you turn into strangers
learning how to say goodbye

i’m writing from this town where i let you down once too often
but i’m thinking of that other lucky place

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