psycho-sadistic psychosis lyrics – ritual carnage

its time to go inside and play, my daily escapade
taking pleasure in your pain, lets start the game
you try to close your eyes, as i invide your mind
depriving your sweet sleep, its time to feast
rapid eye movement, with your eyes wide open
your body trembles, as panic takes over
i am your master, indulging in sin
voluptuous servant
the daggar at your throat, caresses your breast
temptation can’t resist, nails sink into your chest
infernally torment, oppress until i’m content
soul is for my raping, body for my taking
abuse and defile you, ritually abuse you
furious copulation
pleasures of flesh

no one can save you now, your cross is of no use
d*mned, you’ll suffer, everlasting exploit
i am the serpent, coiled, prepared to strike
i’m the cold blooded demon, who fills you with fright
the venomous fangs pierce your gentle pure flesh
my poison circulates, your arteries

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