psychosomatic disorder lyrics – mouth of the serpent

witness rebirth.
unfold implanted thoughts
cast down to the unknown,
disrupting what we thought to be hidden.
their eyes betrayed the inconsistencies
composing every tainted life.

condemned to worship.
by fear of alienation, we sacrificed the sun.
these inconsistencies have all been long forgotten.
it has come undone.

irrationally, insecurities seed then devour.
oh truly wicked world,
you’ve planted seeds of undying sanity,
to be unleashed upon your child.
eyesight betrayed,
these tarnished minds, they heed the call.
the complexities left empty and beguiled.

humanity, so quickly you have come unwound.
emanc*p*tion followed by
the manipulation of the earth.
we’re all just victims of design.
we are just useless life forms.

curiosities will keep us procreating
and unveil the destruction of the earth.
birthed and then implanted,
we are the poison and the antidote;
humility interlaced with depravity.
the ocean and sky are but imp*sses
for the impending intervention.

clarity. the heavens are dripping onto the ground.

heaven is slowly dripping onto the ground.
promises of everlasting worship,
a psychosomatic disorder.
compromise reality, the byproduct is sanity.
promises of everlasting worship,
a psychosomatic disorder.

banished existing in the fray,
matter it will not entwine.
it shall subside…

reality is just wallowing misery.
we’ve been condemned to this life of simplicity.
a byproduct of molecular decline,
flesh torn astray and cast into time.

we must, before dividing, break the everlasting hold.
we must decline.
birth forth omnipotence.
watching our flesh intertwine.
break from the strangling hold of the shackles of
we must define our own omnipotence.
cast forth, into time.

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