pull them out lyrics – big bad benjo

benjo!! back in the house! yeah!!
get off your pants and wait for further instructions!
starting the “hemmorids pulling” i’ve got one message for my doctor
pull them out!!
let me hear you say yeah (yeah!!!)
say pull! (pull)
it’s the big
it’s the bad
he’s big he’s bad his the big bad benjo!!!
come on!
pull them!
pull them out!!
pull them out!!
pull them out!!
doctors unite!! pull them to me!!
make some noise!
sing it…
pull them out !
use a chainsaw!
use a drill !
use thet–n–t ! !
come on, party…pull them out!!
pull them out!
pull them out!
pull them !!!!!!
you feel them i pull them out !
come on!!!
it’s the big bad benjo!!!!!
thank you!

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