pulp transfixion lyrics – disfigurement

which love do you confess
with swollen th*rn inside your *ss?
for whom her c*nt tolls?
the vulgar bells caress with scorn.
the pr*ckly inner kiss
let rot your flesh and makes you bleed.
her bizarre c*nt can bite
a womb in golden barbed wire.

the body piercing between your legs.
enjoy your torments in clawful s*x
in every pimple you wear a ring
you clenched d*ck
is looks like mortal sin.

amoral sc*m, disheveled hungry c*nt
wet, open and diseased
the inflammation enslave your pulp,
and pus corrode your rings.

the cold prosthesis between your legs
enjoy the frigidity and forget about s*x.
on every pimple where you wore a ring.
now you wear only bandage and stink,

her nipples is sealed by rings
no milk for baby – crumpling instinct
with chemical milk to chemical sleeps.
chemical zombie – no head only rings

the secretion pus dripping with flies
everywhere from her holeful c*nt
pulp transfixion, do it now
swollen organs they’re overdone

no carnal spell in purulent smell,
bacch*n*l echoes in the s*xless realm.
the goled manacle waiting for you
inveigled fear, fever and death

painful temptation of
her scars and stigmas
convulsive torments
the brilliance of decay

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