pulverize the color barrier lyrics – james e.f landau

andreo has a first name,
a-n-d-r-e-o . . .
andreo has a second name,
n-i-k-o-l-a-o . . .
when people ask me for the longest name i ever knew,
i’ll tell them what i know is true,
it’s s-m-i-t-h-m-o-o-r-e-b-r-o . . .
“pulverize the color barrier”?
alan says that he loves
everyone he may find;
but his love’s just aesthetic;
it’s all in his mind!
i see melanie, so romantic and light;
hakeem’s so romantic and dark, if that be spoken;
it’s a shame that he’s black and she was born white;
by pittman their pair will be surely upbroken!
ah, pittman, what a princ*p*l,
an anachronistic shame;
we all know him and hate him,
they say the nazis’ hate is just the same.
they say my racism is bad,
but isn’t anti-racism, too?
face it, it’s not because you’re racist,
it’s because you’re you!
. . .r-i-t-a-a-u!

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