pure bedlam for half breeds lyrics – polkadot cadaver

you’ve got a face that only your mother could love
beneath the makeup and skin is only skeleton
looking through your window
when you’re home and all alone
i’ll swallow you whole with milk
and spit out the bones

this song is not for you
this song is just for me
la dolce vita in a city by the sea
inside our honeymoon suite
in the belly of a whale
i want you lying facedown
upon a bed of nails

say h*llo to my little friend
my god it’s so good to see you again
pure bedlam for halfbreeds
under the hot rain in the tropic purgatory
pure mayhems for og’s
i’m down with tipping 40’s to your memory

we are now the bonnie and clyde of the prison yard
our love is firing bullets in the prison guards
we are now the angels of death breathing cyanide
circling the sun, burning holes in the blue sky

this life is not for you
this life is not for me
now we’ve got our necks all stuck in a guillotine
don’t let ’em see your fear
don’t let ’em hear you scream
just close your eyes and pretend it’s a bad dream

harder, faster
you know you want it
harder, faster

lullabies in a voice so sweet
to you and me and the devil makes 3
there’s no place like home
we are not in kansas anymore
rape becomes the new “i love you”
out with the old, *ssault on the senses

ashes of the mushroom clouds
sulpher tears rain down
whispers in the wind grow loud
my god it’s so hot down here
hush little baby, dry your eyes
don’t cry my sweet clementine

h*llo pharaoh
where’s your halo

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