push! push! lyrics – falco

come take a ride
or a slip´n´side
to sit astride´n´glide´n´´.
…push! push!
please pull the strings
bees use their stings
birds spread their wing and
some things… push! push!

a p*ss that pures

by settin´spures
is this his or her what stirs?
now: push! push!
unlock the sloice
bring up the juce
just let it loose.produce´n´
push! push!

push! push! push!
just a little
push! push! push!
a little further
push! push! push!
just a little bit
push! push! push!
a little bit mooooore!

ooh what a blow
yeah, what a show!
hey, one more throw…
let´s go now! push! push!
another shot
we hit teh spot

oh that was hot. a lot
now: push! push!


from stick or stone
to the pr*ck an d bone
i´m lyin´pr*ne, i´m n´n´not alone
push! push!

with a whip and chain
there´s plesure´n pain
and no venture, no gain… again
now push! push!

our fathers who are from heaven
when kings have come thy will be
done forgive this day – our daily
bread give ahead!


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