put your hands where my eyes could see lyrics – busta rhymes

ahh yeah. flipmode.
here we come.
bout to bust and explode.

flipmode. busta bus. (huh, what?)
nine-seven (c’mon, what?)
hot sh*t (hah hah)
check it out

{verse one: busta rhymes}

hit you with no delayin so what you sayin yo? (uh)
silly with my nine milli, what the deally yo? (what?)
when i be on the mic yes i do my duty yo
wild up in the club like we wild in the stud-io (uh)
you don’t wanna violate n*gg* really and truly yo (uh)
my main thug n*gg* named julio he moody yo (what?)
type of n*gg* that’ll slap you with the tool-io (blaow!)
b*tch n*gg* scared to death, act fruity yo (uh)
f*ck that! look at shorty, she a little cutie yo (yeah)
the way she shake it make me wanna get all in the booty yo (whoo!)
top miss, just hit the bangin b*tches in videos (huh?)
whylin with my freak like we up in the freak shows (d*mn)
hit you with the sh*t make you feel it all in your toes (yeah)
hot sh*t got all you n*gg*z in wet clothes (take it off)
stylin my metaphors when i formulate my flows (uh)
if you don’t know you f*ckin with lyrical player pros, like that

{chorus: busta rhymes}

do you really wanna party with me?
let me see just what you got for me
put all your hands where my eyes can see
straight buckwhylin in the place to be
if you really wanna party with me
let me see just what you got for me
put all your hands where my eyes can see
straight buckwhylin in the place to be

{verse two: busta rhymes}

if you really wanna party with me. in god we trust (what?)
yo it’s a must that you heard of us yo we murderous (uh!)
a lot of n*gg*z is wonderin and they furious (what?)
how me and my n*gg*z do it, it’s so mysterious (that’s true)
furious, all of my n*gg*z is serious (huh!)
shook n*gg*z be walkin around fearin us (what?)
front n*gg*, like you don’t wanna be hearin us (no!)
gotta listen to hot radio yo be playin us (ahh)
thirty time a day sh*t’ll make you delirious (what?)
damaging everything all up in your areas
yo it’s funny how all the chickens be always servin us
all up in between they *ss where they wanna carry us (what!)
hitcha good then i hit em off with the alias (what?)
various, chickens they wanna marry us (hah)
yo it’s flipmode my n*gg* you know we bout to bust! (uh!)
seven figure money the label preparin us
bite the dust, instead of you, makin a fuss (what?)
n*gg*z know better cause there ain’t no comparin us (nope)
mad at us, n*gg*z is never, we fabulous (yup!)
hit my people off with the flow that be marvelous (hah!)
ho-sh*t, my whole click victorious (yup!)
takin no prisoners n*gg*z is straight up warriors (what?)
while you feelin that i know you be feelin so glorious (uh)
then i blitz and reminisce on my n*gg* notorious

like that, like that-tha-that-that
that that that, tha-that-that-that
like that.

{chorus: overlaps busta chant}

if you really wanna party with me.

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