puttin in work lyrics – criminalz

[verse one – jayo felony]
this that one hit it quit it sh*t, f*ck it forget a b*tch
these busters claimin they hard but they be rollin wit a snitch
they got this bullsh*t case on me and they thinkin it’ll stick
i ain’t sweatin that lil sh*t, give these b*tches a lil d*ck
i keep ridin and mashin, stompin in the west coast fashion
you the one to be the first get yo head bashed in
we stay smashin n*gg* only beleivin is achievin
so whatever we set out to do it’s gon work this evening
i’m a rider homie whether i’m drunk, high or sober
the wait is over, now watch a n*gg* get nasty as king cobra
and i heard your freaky b*tch was a monster on the d*ck
she wanna find out if she can put her whole tonsils on the d*ck
loc on and yolk on it but don’t choke on it
n*gg*s got her spendin all their ends and goin broke on it
tell these hoes listen b*tch we ain’t gotta please you
cuz we puttin in work, doin sh*t that g’s do and it’s true

i ain’t livin my life to please you
i’m puttin in work the sh*t that g’s do
i’m out doin dirt to n*gg*s i need to
i’m gettin my money on, collectin my revenues [x2]

[verse two – celly cel]
back up, back up n*gg* what the f*ck you doin?
i’m throwin elbows in this m*th* f*cka tryin to ruin
your whole career, when i’m twisted up eight hundred beer
jump in the mob car and steer, heart pumpin no fear
you n*gg*s don’t know me, watch out ‘for i pop out with this glock out
clearin yo block out, got all these n*gg*s wishin they got out
the game, ‘for i shot out everything in the parking lot out
got em snitchin and tellin em there’s apv’s on every cop out
now it’s hot out, they still can’t stop me from gettin my paper
i got hide outs, these b*tches is out here catchin the vapors
flee the scene, they shoulda told you that celly was crazy
got em pushin up daisies now i’m layin low with baby
spyin on the under, wonderin what’s gon happen next
money, murder and s*x got me sleepin with a tech
no respect so i took it early in the game
no money til i came up on them birdies, mayn

[chorus 2x]

[verse three – spice 1]
got me f*cked up baby see i can’t play with the game
this n*gg*’s speakin up on my casket, talkin bad on my name
don’t get it twisted it’s all love but this gangsta sh*t is real
n*gg*s get caught up in the drama and end up killed
but i can’t have that sh*t, i ain’t tryin to see no coffin
that’s why i stay focused on hatin *ss n*gg*s often
hennesy got me seeing enemies in threes
so i’m bustin at the one in the middle and please beleive
it ain’t no hesitation, never no glitch in my matrix
i stay on point, ready to dump, hit n*gg*s up in they faces
wit 4-4 slugs! blowin n*gg*s up out they lugz
switch to the bucket and smash off to mo thug
baby, my life ain’t got no price on it
600 for the vest, a g for the chopper wit a knife on it
so welcome to the ghetto m*th* f*cka
to them n*gg*s that think that they can’t be touched well i’ma touch ya

[chorus x 4]

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