race defects lyrics – brutality

all through life looking for answers
finding nothing to make beliefs reality
so many religions – who is right or wrong?
probably no one – soon man will be dead and gone
wars across the globe – taking lives of the innocent
leaders not caring – protected and safe
too many problems for this race to solve
ceasing to exist – another form will evolve

humans – animals of great intelligence
build destructive tools – structures already built
crumbling! – powered by their ignorance
killing themselves off
is there life in the future for the young?
seems bleak – time will tell

expendable citizens ask no questions – blinded
brainwashing society – doing nothing about this dying world
marked for disaster – who will win?
world around us – disturbing sight
you see no end

such a waste bowing down – we never change
mistakes meant to teach – arguing over the truth
can’t accept the fact we all have our opinions
reasons for life remain unexplained

/ brutality lyrics