rager lyrics – lagwagon

proceeds, who’s in?
who wants a piece of him?
so many articles to choose from
comrade, artiste
a taste for evidence
hold on to articles of faith

once worth nothing that something touches who you want to be
baggage embodies no one (he is gone)
intrinsic to only one (he is gone)
belongings don’t define us
keepsake, fingerprint, scr*pbook, record of death

funeral, event
everyone’s gonna be there
they have to see you pay respects
breathe in, breathe out, random, random, random
who are these f*cking idiots?
come on i’m writing you
i know this world is tearing you apart
those numbers can’t console you (he is gone)
don’t let the guilt control you (he is gone)
their anger has consumed you
ranting, regret, enrage, screaming next

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