raincoat and a rose lyrics – chris rea

rain, tears of joy
tears of pain
is this really me?
standing here at the station
the card said i mustn’t be late
i’ve never really had the chance
years and years and not even wanting
a second dance
“look for a raincoat and a rose”

i hope no one sees, they’ll laugh i know
he was always like that
yes it always showed
did i do something wrong?
to have to pay
in many more ways than one
rainy day, what do i say?
how simple it’s all become…

love is for fools
and fools have no grace
d*mn them while you can
out here on the fence
is such a lonely place
i wish i was foolish now
the greatest of pain
is never really knowing
maybe today i’ll find out this way
the way that i’m doing

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