ramble lyrics – jack frost

the very second time i walked in this room
you knew that i was gone
and just the way the sun slanted in
made it all seem wrong
i know you say you love me
and somewhere i think that you do
i love all the tricks you’ve shown me
i’ll cut myself in two
it’s coming on again
so i saw the newspaper that had burnt in the fire
the headlines were rain
go walk outside and clear my head
down on albion lane
i know you live around here somewhere
as i scan the sky
i know that you sleep around here somewhere
where it’s warm and dry
on sat*rday afternoon the crowds rolled in clouds
ignored the rumors of war
we drink a toast to auld lang syne
stretched out on the floor
i know you’ll never remember
and it’s better that way
let this wine take your memory
of everything before today

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