rape of innocence lyrics – jacob’s dream

[the lyrics to this song are no doubt controversial, however please consider this explanation: this song deals with a character who is taken advantage of emotionally and s*xually under the pretense of a romantic relationship. scarred by betrayal this person hardens their heart and becomes a perpetrator rather than to seek healing. this is not the answer and unfortunately it is all too often repeated]

she said she loved me, she must have lied
she raped my innocence and part of me has died
i want to be your lover, i want to be your friend
but all she wanted was a cheap one night stand

so now i’ve decided that this will end
cause this will never happen to me again
i make my own rules now, in this new game of s*x
so look out baby!
i want a piece, i want a piece of your flesh.
i want a piece of your flesh!

honey open wide, let the love inside
i need someone to show me i’m alive
and i’ll forget my fears and i won’t she’d no tears
taste the sweat and blood of p*ssion’s dance tonight

crack the whip it’s time to have some fun
a game of l*st and pleasures has begun
two hearts bleeding racing into the night
keep it pumping honey, ride baby ride
take me to the limit!

never satisfied, no one sees the pain i hide
i stand alone the child inside has died, no
dreams are swept aside by the hunger of this vice
with a heart of steel i fade into the night, oh

slave to this vice is what i’ve come to be
a sickening love for immorality
erotica comes to take my flesh again
heaven help me from this nightmare that i’m in
can you help me?

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