rasputin lives lyrics – francis magalona

each and every day i try to come up w/ a way
to write a line or 2, maybe 3 or 4
there’s more in store when i drop metaphors
‘cuz i go on and on like the energizer bunny
it ain’t funny when a guy like ed steals money
using lies like a knife to backstab
muthaf*ck the f*g w/ the mind of a crab
look at yourself, you make me sick
thin as sh*t i’m ‘a break you like a toothpick
speakin’ of teeth what happened to yours?
(good grief) don’t speak or the stench will leak
(up yours!)
fed up with your lies messianic b*m
because of this i dis you- die hippy sc*m
die hippy sc*m, die hippy sc*m die
die hippy sc*m, die hippy sc*m die!

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