rat run lyrics – snuff

the rat ran out from underneath a bush
rat past number 10, ran back again.
a few rattus shenanigans, a cat amongst the pigeons
and a little bit of pr to smooth it over.
the pied piper started sparking up a tune but all the
rats just stared at him.
he did a little dance up highgate hill, little voice
said turn again.

is it coming to this
a rat run
ain’t we better than this?

middle of it all i get a text from home
the kids are raising merry h*ll again.
mums lost the faith, lost the will, lost the plot
she’s on the phone to rentokill.
affray into civil disobedience
right through a race riot
straight into a cl*ss war.
mum can’t take no more she’s calling the big guns in.

is it coming to this?
a rat run
ain’t we better than this?
it stinks!

as the fat lady started warming up to sing,
not a pretty sound less you’re hard of hearing.
zeus was in the dressing room mixing rum and c*ke.
about to throw down
’bout to fling a few thunderbolts.
mind the closing doors!
watch the hope receding.
rattus rattus and rattus norvegicus are chewing through
it stinks!

is it coming to this?

a rat run
aren’t we better than this?

i f*ckin hope so

it’s just a rat run.

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