ravenclaw lyrics – diabolical masquerade

under banners of baalzath*rn we ride towards the dawn
hold your steel close to hand and say farewell to your motherland
into the horizonlines spears so sharp in daylight shines
attack the realms unknown hordes of brave men fully grown
with winds from our northstar striking sh*r*s oh so far
across the sea and land in armour proud we stand

as northern gods we’re born
beautiful woman they us mourn
baptised in fire and ice
sworn to face the strangers lies
sailing the ocean black and blue
we’ll show the world what is true
when the night comes down
another land… another crown…

striking upon the hillsides
battlefields burning in glory
chanting spells of graverites
battlefields burning in glory

warlord kings of h*ll and dark desire
godsend son drowning in smoke and fire

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