raven’s call to annihilation lyrics – talamyus

since the dawn of time
the forbidden book is hidden
in a gloomy, sinister cave
where no mortals are allowed

sorrowful guardians of stone
protect the evil spell
we shall not open these pages
there pages of doom

blue skies turn to red
vortex now open
incantation was made
legions of the night awake
it’s the raven’s call to annihilation

a twisted sorcerer appears
to take the dark book for himself
ravens are protecting him
ravens attack the guardians

the book is open to a page
on which the evil spell
is written in ancient tongue
apocalypse has arrived

the ravens fill the sky
all we see is mayhem
it took not long for a world
to turn for the worse

blackbirds kill without pity
the book now in flames
there is no turning back
army of the dead rise
sorcerer died for the spell
it’s h*ll on earth

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