razor blade alley lyrics – madness

i didnt talk too much, in fact not at all
but to ask for the price, i was to be no fool,
moneys no time to waste, or to shoot up the wall
you’ve got the know how, the place, teacher take me to your school.

she led the way from the alley back to her house
must not be seen going in must not be seen coming out.
she said i looked mighty but thin
she told me ‘im gonna give you a second helping’

oooo razor blade alley, i’ve been there,
razor blade alley neither of us cared.

it was the right time, but the wrong place
it was my first time, and i hope my last taste.
i’m just to shy to check in, but this pain of p*ssing razors is cutting in.
oooh felt like a knight without shining armour on at the time
she thought she was in a dream, floating up on cloud nine

now i awake,
she is nowhere,
but the razor cuts deeper everywhere.

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