razor blade lyrics – centurion

i hit you when you’re rapt in your ecstasy
you’re sneaking upon the bloodbath at you feet
screaming souls of lambs make glad your mind
now feel the caress of my sharpest blade

stop the planting of your seed
i paralyse your spine
i already can smell the stench of your dead flesh
i’m coming as a d*mned horde
a blazing cyborg of steel
i’ve just left the h*ll to purify the roads

you’re a scabby reptile
deathrow, i excavate your guts
mothers forget the pain
’cause the babies raper have no escape

i shave your vile skin
until the bleeding bones
here’s the pride tormentor
that disintegrate the drone
i make you feel such an h*llish pain
i’ve just left the h*ll, i’m hungry of dud brains

violator! has come your turn
i’m the sharpest razor that comes for the sacrifice
i’m the executor of the sentence of death
you raped and killed so now lick my razor blade!

take my blade!

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