razor cunt lyrics – broken hope

horrific wh*r*, you don’t want to find her
terror to tube steak, a literal meat grinder
avoid the sl*t in the barbed wire thong
look in between her legs, you’ll see something’s wrong
there is a heavy price for some who get laid
submitting a stiff pr*ck to go under the blade
put your d*ck in her h*ll hole and your ecstacy fades
f*cking a c*nt stuffed with razor blades
manhood mutilator – razorc*nt
a s*xual m*s*ch*st of the worst kind
take her to bed and terror is what you’ll find
rusty nails in her cl*t and l*b**s are something to see
her crotch is a nightmare to geneaology
your schl*ng slaughtered before you blow a wad
she’s the man mutilator the ultimate imasculator
her tw*t can chew up a steel vibrator
her brutal box is a pubic bear trap
certain doom for any c*ck penetrating the gap
it’s a horrorifice – her orifice
your p*n*s shreds in the goreifice
this piece of *ss isn’t blunt
manhood mutilator – razorc*nt
she giggles as her barbaric crevice whittles your rod
your schl*ng slaughtered before you drop your load
your flesh pipe red, carved and lacerated
you’d still have a p*ck*r if you m*st*rb*t*d
her most intimate area lined with razored steel
scream as you screw from the pain that you feel
your d*ck sliced to ribbons within a jagged slit
hard on once whole, now nothing left of it
p*n*s nothing more than bl**dy ground chuck
eat her out go down on bushy butcher knives
your mouth maimed from suicidal m*ff dives
p*n*s nothing more than bl**dy ground chuck
man meat hacked away from a masacratine f*ck

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