ready for salvation lyrics – kalmah

deep inside you got nothing left
you’re just a fallen star
betrayed by dream in vain
before you’re dead you must be
released by the victorious one
take your last breath and cry
before i unleash h*ll
we have the cure for our endless war
and it’s the last night before
the darkness and light
blackhearted midnight walker is going nowhere
beneath the stars he wonders… is he hollow?

the darkest time arriving
look into the mirror of madness
drown in the chasm of sadness
day zero never comes
th*rn in my spine awaiting salvation
for the day of redemption

death unlimited is coming your way
you got nothing to say
h*llhole is gonna tear you apart
don’t you know that everything
is an end or maybe not
’cause you don’t know sh*t

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