ready to kill lyrics – gomorrah

kill allyour friends.
take their brain,
and come with me into the h*ll.

goodby my friends.
i will kill a life.
i?m sorry for you.

listen to me.
shut up ant kill.
be happy with me.

you said it right.
kill with delight.
and so they will die.

take my hands kill and die with me.
and forget this sh*t reality.
kill your friends, kill with me.
all your friends are your enmy.

f*cking church, f*cking christ.
mutilate all christians with delight.
dead by brain. dead soul.
jesus christ is the crucified wh*r*.

2 x chorus: dead by brain. dead by soul.
come with me. kill the christ.

come with me, kill the enemy.
take my hands, dying friends.
take their soul, burning brain.
christ is a wh*r*, a dying brain

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