real talk (skit) lyrics – cassidy

[blood pressue playing in backgroud]

[justin:] my blood pressures building
my blood pressures building, my blood pressures build-

[justin’s dad:] justin, justin what this? who’s this?

[j:] this is c*ssidy

[jd:] man… he’s talkin’ about guns, talkin’ about drugs, callin’ girls wh*r*s, b*tches!
is this what you want to listen to.

[j:] yeah!

[jd:] what’s so positive about it?

[j:] well he has some positive songs but this is my favorite song.

[jd:] why what makes it so positive, i mean what makes it so you kno interesting?

[j:] the beat… and the ryhmes and everything else

[jd:] i need you to really focuz on your school work not this?
it could corup you your gonna go to jail

[j:] wait! no im not it’s just music, it’s crazy music too but im not gonna go to jail

[jd:] well, i don’t wanna hear no more of this c*ssidy cd
until i hear some substance some positiviy and some real talk ok
that’s the end of it o don’t wanna hear no more.

[j:] alright dad.

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