reality asylum lyrics – crass

“well, gentlemens… and ladies, my name is inspector savage from
scotland yard, and this gentlemen is detective-constable white.
i’m here today to ask you some questions in connection with complain
we’ve received. i’ll ask you the questions and my colleague here will take
down the replies. now, you understand that you have been cautionned.
firstly, i’d like you to identify this record…”
i am no feeble christ, not me
he hangs in glib delight upon his cross, upon his cross,
above my body, lowly me
christ forgive, forgive?
holy he, he holy, he holy?
sh*t he forgives, forgive? forgive?
i? i? me? i? i vomit for you jesu
christy christus
puke upon your papal throne
wrapped i am in the muddy cloud
of h*llish genocide
petulant child
i have suffered for you
where you have never known me
i too must die
will you be shadowed in the arrogance of my death?
your valley truth
what light p*ss those pious heights?
what p*ssing bells for these in their trucks?
for you lord.
you are the flag-bearer of these nations
one against the other that die in the mud
no piety. no deity
is that your forgiveness?
saint. martyr. goat. billy.
forgive? sh*t he forgives
he hangs upon his cross
in self-righteous judgment
hangs in crucified delight
nailed to the extend of his vision
his cross. his manhood. his violence. guilt. sin.
he would nail my body upon his cross
as if i might have waited for him in the garden
as if i might have perfumed his body
washed those bl**dy feet
this woman that he seeks
suicide visionary. death reveller. rake. rapist.
gravedigger. earthmover. lifef*cker. jesu.
you scooped the pits of auschwitz
the soil of treblinka is rich in your guilt
the sorrow of your tradition
your stupid humility is the crown of th*rn we all must wear.
for you. ha. master. master of gore. enigma. stigma. stigmata. errata. eraser.
the cross is the mast of our oppression.
you fly there, vain flag.
you carry it, wear it on your back, lord. your back.
enola is your gaiety.
suffer little children (to come unto me)
suffer in that horror. hirohorror. hirrohiro. hiroshimmer. shimmerhiro.
hiroshima. hiroshima. hiroshima. hiroshima.
the bodies are your delight
the incandescent flame is the spirit of it
they come to you jesu. to you
the nails are the only trinity
hold them in your corpsey gracelessness
the image that i have had to suffer
these nails at my temple
the cross is the virgin body of womanhood
that you defile
in your guilt you turn your back
nailed to that body
lame-*rs* jesus calls me sister
there are no words for my contempt
every woman is a cross in filthy theology
he turns his back on me in his fear
his vain delight is that pain i bear
alone he hangs. his choice. his choice
alone. alone. his voice. his voice
he shares nothing, this christ
sterile. impotent. f*cklove prophet of death
he’s the ultimate p*rnography
he. he. hear us jesus
you sigh alone in your c*ckfear
you lie alone in your c*ntfear.
you cry alone in your womanfear.
you die alone in you manfear.
alone jesu, alone
in your c*ckfear. cuntfear. womanfear. manfear.
alone in your fear. alone in your fear. alone in your fear.
your fear. your fear. your fear. your fear. your fear. your fear. your fear.
warfare. warfare. warfare. warfare. warfare.
jesus died for his own sins. not mine.

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