rebel pride lyrics – bonfire

i’ve got a rebel soul – no one ever will own
there’s a rebel flag – waving over my home
i got a rebel mind – ’cause i wanna be free
so you don’t better mess with me

i got a rebel pride – i’m a southern man
i ride a rebel bike – sure ain’t made in japan
i love this rebel song – “sweet home alabama”
and i’m sure ya’ll understand

i would fight for my rights
‘nd stand up for my dream
i would die for you baby – my little rebel queen

i’m a rebel – a rebel for your love
a rebel for our freedom
in a world that’s getting rough
i’m a rebel – with a rebel dixi soul
a rebel for my (our) children
who say “long live rock’n’roll”

i got a rebel heart – with a beat of rock’n’roll
and the rebel yell – is the echo of my soul
and a rebels truth – is the courage to say
beat it – i don’t like it that way

well i’ve seen a lot of places
where i would never build my house
i just love to hear the girls talk
with a mouth full of south


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