rebellion lyrics – illidiance

supreme art of a darker void ivasion
aziluth brought nocturnal light to me
storm-all evil rising
we shall burn this night with our wings

the spirit of rebellion awakes in heart
equillibrium has broken , abandoned
with strength of riot

thus wounds of a crucified one
concealed by a virginal blood
rebellion tonight is the our way

we are coming forth
keeping fire in our hearts
brave we’ll say
no your god!
purgatory is revealing
outbreaks are flaming all throughout
mesmerized by blood and iron
join us say no your god!

incendiary emerging
consecration is there tonight
we are shining in a skyline dust
smashing face of the tyranny of lies
leave the burden of betraying ,
f*cking faith
no more lies , see it through
your god means nothing

feel the spirit of rebellion
taste the blood in beasts rebellion

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