rebellion lyrics – mourn in silence

i was the first spirit create
the first one equipped whit force and wisdom
provided with the full power of god
able to create other celestial spirits
in everything similar to me..
“i’ll rise to ascent to the sky and raise my throne above
the stars of god”
angel will be around me to allow
the spreading of my light
angels endowed with all the celestial force.


your reign is under reath the shadow of sin
god’s hand will drive you out in to the eternal deep.

“my name brings entails the light of knowledge”

one can obtain supreme goods only through pain and
and it’s on then that i’ll buil up my reign.

the way to redemption through matter is long and painfull
but it will and by taking me home again
so i don’t fear the divine judgement because my existence
is tied to it.

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