reborn lyrics – burden of grief

found peace in infinity
learned to accept my hate
proud of my perverse art
spells have taken me to h*ll
spells will now do the same
death was banned out of me

i am reborn!

heaven taken away from me
same sh*t begins again
dark night pleasures me
hate coming over me
rage growing on in me
desire for blood now again
i’m back again

dark light fills my body
dark night surrounds my soul

i am back here again to still my bloodthirst
reborn to destroy human life to gain endless life
this is the butchers return
the messenger who brings pain and endless grief

corpses is what i want
brutal death for everyone
like a nightmare i will come
killing in your serious dreams
this is what it really means
total death and endless grief

destroying those who brought me up
opposing me with all my strength
against this betrayal of the laws
only a few murders till i`m back
in my kingdom of the d*mned
i deserve this place in h*ll
i`m back again

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