red heaven lyrics – disappear fear

(4: 12)this is my postcard from texas
what are the chances this town won’t wreck us? there is a woman, there always is
she’s standin’ on the side of the stagebeckoning motionless
and my legs get weakand my heart beats fastand i thought the love we hadwas built to lastand my thoughts take offwhere my hands want to goand i know and i know and i know
baby believe me
baby believe me
i didn’t do nothin’! there’s a strange black bird here
which is mostly tallmakes a sound like an ambulance
that’s her mating call
she sings a warning in the cold night airshe’s out in the distanceshe should be sleepingbut i can still hear her.
i’m steppin’ out of a dream into a steamy carand we huddle for safety at the cannibal barhow far can i run away from this ring on my finger? is there a place where we can go toshed our fear like clothesand make love new?

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