redeemed lyrics – alan guno

all romance may be
just luck and chance to me
never leaving us well
but beauty now appears
a vision finds me here
ask me why, i can’t tell

my useless words
fall silent as you rise
my empty life
born again in your eyes

angels have heard you
but i don’t deserve you
they seem to think i’m worth the pain
but miracles find me
release all that bind me
i’ll never be the same
blinded by beauty
p*ssion runs through me
i don’t believe and yet it seems
heaven was set free
the moment you found me
my life has been redeemed

and what now can i give
to bless this chance to live
i have nothing at all
words i cannot say
a debt i can’t repay
humbly waiting my fall

gone is my life
it’s chains are now a memory
gone is my shame
still don’t know what it means to me but


all i prayed for is gone
all i begged for hopeless and wrong
now i cry for the one thing i need in my life
to be worthy alone in your eyes



my life has been redeemed

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