redeemed lyrics – this divided world

you chose me father out of love
in desperation i saw your hand as it reached out
to save me, save me

how did you see what i would become?
my life is a shameful stain with imperfection at my
the god of my flesh reigning over me

as you gave me new life
and you gave me a new heart
as you called me to your mercy
and you called me to the light

i am redeemed by the blood of jesus christ
who died for me and said i’m worthy
who said that i am worthy

the only good thing of this life
is jesus christ

for i am a liar
a mindless pleasure seeker
searching for the gratification of the moment
the simple answer for today

but you know me lord
and you call me yours
i am your child, i am your child

i am redeemed by the blood of jesus christ

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