regret lyrics – heaven grey

you cry me the rain,
you drawn the pain,
the blame is simply yours,
it’s your another day

all your mistakes
drive you insane,
it’s all the same…

you pray at night,
and say i’ll find another way,
another turn

every time you smile,
i’m the sun…
every time you’re mad,
i’m on the run…

you’re the pretender and make me hurt,
but make it tender,
it’s not my fault…

let me seek through your misery,
oh you’ll stay in my memories…
this rain you cry
down fro mthe sky,
then comes the night and gets inside.

you walk alone,
in empty town of thousand stones,
you hear around
quiet mournful sounds

your love is gone
and won’t be found…
blazing in your eyes
screaming in your heart
there dies your dream
there ands you life

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