reject existence lyrics – forgotten tomb

submit to me, worship me
let me crawl under your skin
like a needle in your vein
injecting perversion, spreading disdain

obey to me, follow me
let me show you what i see
your words to me count less than zero
slit your wrists, become a hero

drown into abuse, life is a sore
your body trashed, f*cked like a wh*r*
exit purity, welcome corruption
*rg*sm into the womb of perdition

reject existence

listen to me, trust in me
let me infect your well-being
masturbate to the thought of death
longing to experience your last breath

glorify me, adore me
let your departure finally be
abandon your family and kill all your friends
with open arms embrace your own end

f*ck this existence and f*ck this world
reject the will to live and grow old
deny your future, refuse tomorrow
eliminate your source of sorrow

reject existence

despise the living, support your own death
destroy your life, accept no regret
welcome the negative, oppose no resistance
remove this burden, reject existence

reject existence.

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