relativity invitation lyrics – neil young

(conversation between ‘scary’ gary davis and neil

gary: “so the kingdom of heaven is a new kingdom and in
order to get familiar with the king you have to live
the life. so when you get in tune with the words of the
kingdom, the you get to understan what the words are.”
neil: “so you’re sdaying that all of a sudden it could
just happen to me?”
gary: “well… relativity invitation.”
neil: “relative to the invitation?”
gary: “relativity invitation.”
neil: “relativity invitation.”
gary: “what strikes you when i say that?”
neil: “relativity invitation… i dunno it just sounds
like poor words to me.”
gary: “well, if you get dominoes and you stand em up
all, one after the other and you push one, they’ll all
fall down in like a relative way.
neil: “yeah?”
gary: “so humans all in contact with one and another,
thoughts come and go…”
neil: “yeah?”
gary: “so… all things are related, see one though
spoken by another person may inspire a thought in
another person, so relativity invitation.”
neil: “yeah i can dig that, but what does that have to
do with jesus?”
gary: “well jesus is life, the way and the truth, it’s
neil: “is he the only life?”
gary: “for me he is.”

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