reload lyrics – esham

reload, explode, i’m a crack ya f*ckin’ code
killer instinct mode so i always stay calico
in the battlezone i hold the phatter chrome
i’m tellin’ every mc in the galaxy
that it’s on, but i gots love for all the ones who’s got love
packed back, we got slugs, i got slugs for thugs back
for the dope deal
and a motherf*ckin’ a piece a crack
f*ck a ronin twissin diamonds if you don’t know the time
f*ck all of that
n*gg* matter fact ball is whack
if you don’t know what to do to stack and takes your cash
if you don’t know the game cause you’s a b**tch

reload, reload, reload, reload

reloadin’ ain’t no thang, it’s all gon’ spin
i’m time in the wind, i don’t make friends
motherf*cker what you thought? red rum is my talk
wicket sh*t is what i spit, patin to acid
the fallen angel means i strangle and bang ya
take ya hat off
esham’s out cold like adolf
hitler, slit ya, boy i’m out ta get cha
ya never shoulda f*cked with me
eternally, imperpituity
i’m out to end your exsistence
i last forever
i will endure whatever, where ever
and reload
i’m perpitatin’ while you perptratin’ i go on forever
misload more pebbles you can speak 5 words for thee
farrel forevermore, forever and a day
forever and ever in all ages
the nebula is segular
on a cellular, on a regular
last syllabyl of recorded time
till death till doomsday esham
i’m death, mr. fortuneteller watch me television peete my
get f*cked and get your groove back like stella
and you ain’t even gotta go to jamaica

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