remember lyrics – kalter

feeling the depth of creation.
everything that exists is now senseless.
lost between nothingness and infinity.

hide behind a cloudless sky,
an unknown meeting with life for a lie.
we should become the wind
and blow the veil of the tribe.


the first contact breaks the wall of doubt and creates
the blooming moment.
a new dawn emerges from the value of the heart.
elements are now united and confidence is established.
i can now connect with the essence of my being.

i’m floating, between the clouds,
flying, under the stars,
being in touch with the universe.

the limits of the humans being pushed away for better
or for worse…

the feeling of being together, forever we will be
around a fire between us, friends, tribe first and
forever !

strength, the power to help each other,
you are the tribe, the tribe we are !
unity, the sense of victory,
you are the tribe, the tribe we are !

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