reminder lyrics – firelake

mighty vessel in deep
darkness and death reign on it
the crew was taken aback
as soul-hungry fiend attacked

survived only one intrepid
he struggled with beast till end
his only salvation was sacred cross!

slashing the deep waters of the billows
glorious vessel utters its pray
how many soldiers of fate and fortune
were buried for losing their way

and i know what’s your biggest problem
and i know that is your lack of belief

fiend molests your soul
don’t you give in, don’t you give up!

tempting words of the beast
how sweet they are and charming

come to me to find yourself immersed in sea of
i will give you all the wealth and every joy you need
be my loyal servant forever,
see the whole crew now basking in l*st

i’m your alpha and omega,
i’m the one who brings you light
darkness is with me forever
darkness is my truth and might

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