renegade lyrics – demolition

i don’t know what to do
i ‘m standing here and wait for you
i ‘ve talked to you the night before
and all i know is i need more
things that i have seen so clear
now after all i feel the fear
i hate to be alone that night
to be alone in every fight

i ‘m a renegade – let me go
i ‘m a renegade – leave me alone

wake me up i hate this song
something in my world is wrong
i try to live my life so well
but now i see my life is h*ll
sometimes when i walk alone
i am sure i ‘ll find a home
something changes the world so fast
i ‘m on the run ever the last

i ‘m a renegade …..

people try to take it all
they take my power till i fall
i ‘m fed up with this boring game
i feel that i ‘m not the same
let me wake up from this dream
i ‘m no fool and i will win
i hate to listen what you say
i will make it in my own way

i ‘ m a renegade …..

sometimes on my way
i fall down , i have to pay
through stormy clouds and rain
but i stand up again
i ‘m gonna try my best
don’t turn round, look to the past
for all my sins i ‘ll pay
but straight i walk my way

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