reptile lyrics – helloween

coming from the sewerage
creepin’ through the pipes
born from modern chemistry
a thing that is alive

growing in this rotten cr*p
at places no one wipes
eating rats and stinking sh*t
and all it needs to thrive

the scientists got no way to fight
for they can’t find any weak point to get rid of it right
you live your life and you don’t know what’s goin’ on
you just can’t stop a thinking that the officials do you wrong

you’re sometimes wondering
what the h*ll bit your baby’s arm?
and the nuns at the holy mission
can’t keep the tramps from harm

even thieves around dark corners
too scared to leave the door
frustrated businessmen needing a w*nk
can’t find themselves a wh*r*

you won’t believe ’till you know that it’s real
from the pain in your stomach and the horror thatyou feel
you need a sh*t so you head off to the loo
you’re coming to the bog, now what you’re gonna do?

there’s the reptile
just see his eyes, reptile
can you see the beast arise?

creeping up on you, reptile
there’s nothing left that you can do

and there’s the reptile
hidden till now, reptile
but now it’s there you don’t know how

just watch it grow, reptile
and there’s no more human being left
but you, you, you

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