requiem of hatred (jesus christ cage part ii) lyrics – enshadowed

[waiting’s reward]

your son has failed!!!!!
we waited for so long, to taste the evil manners
of the undead!!! i laugh with the echoes of fallen
christians that the demons were fed!!!!
these disgusting humans are no match
they have run out of luck
i summon hate thoughts to declare a christian

i condemn the peace and i foresaw the victory
the day, when they’ll see their mistakes. when good
shall be erased
before my cold breath. when i’ll hug
the world’s light side and make it darker again…..

faith will guide them to liderty, but they will
live in a hide for, they can’t see the purity of
the sinner’s path side…….

[cryptic paranoia]


[thy downfall]

remember those words my son as they were your last
your pathetic existence means nothing to us.
live only to see thy downfall and taste true darkness!
count thy dyin’ moments while thou watch the

this realm is not worth continuing to shine
six six six clerics shall be drowning! during the
eighth day
of creation you will face devastation! the time shall
stop only for the
cosmic forces to prevail. the blood shall freeze in the
fresh flesh like a nail!
after the total desaster god will feel our presence
we shall rip his purity out with the power of
innocent souls and whisper…..

“the dead are singing their own lullabies
and the f*cking christians had their tonges cut….”

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